Rahmatan Lil Alamin – Be Gracious and Radiate Blessings to All


On 28th Sep 2013, South East Mosque Cluster (SEMC) organised

“ Rahmatan Lil Alamin (RLA) Event, translated as ““Be Gracious and Radiate Blessings to All – Appreciating & Caring for children.”

The Event exemplifies the joy of seeing children being happy in their own magical world, sharing their laughter and delights candidly.

  1. Wahah children and their families were invited to the Event. The event was held at Kg Chai Chee Community Club. The children donned colourful T-shirts provided by the organizer and they were excited while waiting for the transport to pick them up. For the safety of the children,Wahah staff, Madam Aiffah, Miss Syazwani and Mr Rajagopal were at hand at the pick-up points to chaperon the children to Kg. Chai Chee Community Club.

  1. Macdonald’s breakfast was served on the children’s arrival.
  2. The children were greeted to a “Magic show” while they were tucking in the food.
  3. The guest- of- honour was Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, the Acting Minister for Manpower, who was also the MP of Marine Parade, GRC.
  4. The GOH gave an inspiration talk, urging the children to strive for the best and excel in their studies.
  5. The organizers also doubled up as clowns and paraded around the tables, poked fun and made the children laugh. The ‘clowns’ gave souvenirs to the kids. Soon after the children were treated to a sumptuous lunch of chicken rice followed with grapes for dessert.
  6. Immediately after lunch, the children dashed towards the playground where inflatable castle with slides were erected. They were also hosted to kiddy train rides. They also received prizes from the organizers for answering quizzes. All the children were given goody bags. Our own amateur photographer,Mr Suhaimi was busy clicking away the photographs of the children in action.
  7. JPA(Adam) volunteers headed by Mr Ridzuwan lend support to the Event.
  8. It was indeed a wonderful & Fun-filled Event for Wahah children and their families. On the journey back, some of the children were too tired after having so much fun that they fell asleep in the bus.

Inserted by Suhaimi Karim, Wahah Welfare Officer.

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