How to Be Respected As A Father

There was a foster child, a little boy who screamed and screamed his head off daily. It was as though he had a war going on in his head each day. Each day his foster dad would say, “If you don’t scream today, I will take you and buy you ice cream”. One day was especially bad for the little boy. The father picked the child up and said, “Dry your tears and we will go out for ice cream”. The child stopped and looked the foster father right in the eyes and said “But I don’t deserve that, I didn’t stop crying”. The father said, “Just once I will do this. It is called mercy. Someday you will have an opportunity to give a break to someone who does not deserve it or has not earned it”. The child said he never forgot this lesson.

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1. Give others a break. Cop someone a break now and then but not all the time. Rules are necessary to form a firm foundation for a child.

2. Be devoted. Love your family and serve them with all your heart and soul.

3. Have a sense of humor. A great sense of humor makes life’s situations bearable.

4. Overlook injustices. If someone mistreats you or harms you, you can choose to see it another way. Laugh it up or make jokes about it.

5. Don’t control everything. Let someone else get their way now and then. You can eat at their favorite restaurant now and then instead of always at yours.

6. Be compassionate. Be sympathetic, tenderhearted and unwilling to punish someone for faults and small infractions.

7. Use natural consequences. This process teaches a child that they are responsible for their actions. They obtain a reward for their good actions and suffer for their bad actions.

8. Don’t expect perfection. Neither you nor anyone else is perfect. Your imperfections are what make you lovable.

9. Never use control and dominance. Develop your character by exercising patience, long-suffering and tolerance for yourself and others. Your children will learn to do this as well by following your example.

10. Your children will adore you when they grow up. You will affect generations to come and you will be held in respect because of your character.

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