About Us


Starting up in 2004, we set off with the aim of providing the tools and skills necessary for better parenting. We believed and still do, that it’s a good parent that produces good children. Not genetically but by way of upbringing. It was that belief that we wanted to offer to parents whose woes were wayward teens and troublesome toddlers. Since JPA’s inception till late 2009, we’d been focused on achieving our goals where parenting was concerned.  In 2010, JPA embarked on a different adventure, one that would benefit not just the parents or the children but the family as a whole, and WAHAH was born.

With an initial set up of 5 units in the East of Singapore, we have since extended WAHAH’s operations to the Central as well, operating a total of 15 units since November 2010.
Working very closely with the CDCs and other agencies such as HDB etc., WAHAH ensures that the stay of these families in our Shelter, however long or short, will result in them working towards a stable family life and a conducive environment for their children.

A year into the project, we have successfully reached out to more than 60 families. While I admit it has not been a walk in the park to gain the trust of these families to take the first step forward and realize their dreams of once again having a home of their own, WAHAH has come a long way from the indifferent looks on their faces at the point of admission which question WAHAH’s ability to better their situation. Today, WAHAH is a place they can call home, where their children can be safe and attend school regularly; a place they can lead a somewhat normal life until they can move on.

It has been a learning journey for one and all in Just Parenting Association, moving forward with nothing more than the passion to reach out to those in need of shelter, and the desire to help these people lead a normal life once again.

To better cater to the families and their needs, WAHAH engages the help of Befrienders to reach out to the families and better understand their needs and concerns. Together with our dedicated staff, they ensure that no family feels neglected or left alone due to their circumstances. Encouraged by the experience thus far, and aspiring to offer even more solutions to the needy, Just Parenting is rolling out initiatives to provide early intervention by starting up a childcare centre. We feel this move will enable us to be able to reach out to the future generations and inculcate in them the right values so that they will not fall into the vicious cycle like their grandparents or parents.

I sincerely believe that as long as someone makes the effort to care for those in need, the needy will begin to care for themselves. Faith is an amazing thing, something we hope to inculcate in these families and their children, our future generation. As long as they can believe in themselves, some one out there will believe in them too.  That, together with the hard work and effort of our dedicated staff is the ground work for a happily ever after for these families.